Hiring a Virtual Administrator can be a simple solution.  It would allow you time to spend on managing the important tasks in your business and less time managing your mundane tasks. This can increase your productivity,

Outsourcing should be a part of any businesses recruitment strategy. It’s cost effective, which means as a business owner you don’t get stuck working on low value tasks (admin, invoicing, scheduling, research, etc.). Instead, you can work on bringing more business into the business, which equates to more sales!

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs make is not delegating enough tasks. As an entrepreneur, your time is 100% money. You need to delegate certain tasks to qualified individuals so you can focus on what really matters.

A Virtual Administrator is simply an online employee, they can be quite valuable to any entrepreneur if used in the correct fashion.  But seriously, you can’t do everything. Having a VA would definitely take the load off and will help you scale up your business.

And most importantly – which is how I work my business:  As a small-business owner themselves, Virtual Administrator are as concerned with your business success as they are with their own.  You could say their success depends on your own success!  We want our clients to succeed!


1.  You have to find a place to put people.  A VA has their own office space – no office overhead for  you.

2. You need to keep the people you have busy.  Your  VA can work different hours not necessarily full time.

3. Your personnel budget is suffocating your margin for growth.  A VA is less expensive than a full time employee.  

4. Do you have specific tasks that you know someone could help you with, and you know exactly how they could help?  You can communicate your task to a VA.

5. Do you have specific tasks that you know you shouldn’t be doing yourself? Maybe they are not the best use for your time, or maybe you just don’t like doing them. A VA can help you use your time wisely.

6. Is there some area of activity you’d really want to include in your business, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? Let a VA do this for you.

7.  Do you know how to do all of those tasks yourself? Let your VA take care of those task you don’t know how to do.

8. You need more time to focus on your core business functions. Give your VA the less important tasks so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

9. It will reduce time and cost of managing employees.

10. It will reduce your workload.  

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